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Today is Thanksgiving which in America means a day of pausing, reflecting, sharing, and being thankful for all we have with our friends and family. We gather together to enjoy one another’s company and bask in the experience of spending precious and limited time together. This also means that tomorrow is infamous Black Friday when […]

So, I have the inkling to start writing more and drawing too of course but aren’t they really doing the same thing in different ways? Expressing our views on the shenanigans called our lives as we exist on the blue planet. I was inspired on the drive  into work today – a rare thing for […]

still kicking


I was off on an adventure in West Virginia since last Wednesday and just got back last night. I was looking forward to all of the things I could draw on my trip and ended up not drawing anything since I was so exhausted from the day’s activities! We went white water rafting on the […]