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We are already 10 days into the “new year” – 2010 or so we believe. It occurred to me on New Year’s Eve that the date is really just a worldwide agreement we seem to have on what year it is for practical reasons. Even more interesting is that the year 2010 actually translates to […]

Today is Thanksgiving which in America means a day of pausing, reflecting, sharing, and being thankful for all we have with our friends and family. We gather together to enjoy one another’s company and bask in the experience of spending precious and limited time together. This also means that tomorrow is infamous Black Friday when […]



Imagine by John Lennon are ideas to live by that I think we need more than ever today. Can you imagine a world as he describes? Well in the words of John Lennon, they may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No […]

I was working on a technical issue at  work (public school) when a high school student walks in with some posters and asks the office staff if he can post them. The secretary tells him that they will need to ask the principal so he lays them on the counter and walks out. I am […]

On October 3rd I rode in the 2009 Ride for Refugees which is a cycling event that is meant to raise awareness and money for refugees. There were many rides all over the world on the same day and this location we were at was sponsored by a local church which didn’t  bother me too […]