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tree of life


This is the drawing I did today for Drawing Day 2009 Advertisements

So I decided to have fun with some new Sakura brush pens and added color to my original drawing.  I also realized that “draw your shoes” is #60 from “75 Ways to Draw More“!

cookie jar


This is our dog Sam’s (short for Samantha) cookie jar where we store her yummy treats.



This is 1/2 of my pair of Waldies (the original before Crocs!) and is probably my choice of shoe most days. Even in the winter I try to get away with wearing them with thick socks which doesn’t work so well in snow. They are very simple and comfortable.

From the booklet 75 Ways to Draw More this is #58: Draw the book you’re reading. I just finished this book yesterday while riding the train back to MI from IL and it has become one of my favorites.

This was inspired by a wooden angel that sits on top of the bathroom cabinet. In the book The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell advises readers many times to “Follow Your Bliss” which I am trying to do. Drawing to me is blissful…well once I get over my stage fright when looking at a new […]



I was getting ready to read in bed the other night and as I was picking up my book Diary by Chuck Palahniuk I noticed the flowers/leaves illustraion on the back cover and felt like drawing something so I put the book down and grabbed my sketchbook. There is a great line I love in […]