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is this it?


I got up this morning, still half asleep – attempting to come out of my alarm induced waking. Alarms should be outlawed – the body should get up when it’s good and ready.  I try to remember what day it is – Wednesday – hump day – 2 days till Friday – when I come […]

I made an innocent status update on Facebook which turned into a declaration or admission per say on a recent Saturday morning that said: “happy Saturday morning….coffee. cigarette, bagel, and rain” which resulted in several comments about the horrors of smoking or “shock” in that I smoke at all. I had my first cigarette in […]

So, I have the inkling to start writing more and drawing too of course but aren’t they really doing the same thing in different ways? Expressing our views on the shenanigans called our lives as we exist on the blue planet. I was inspired on the drive  into work today – a rare thing for […]