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Soon after the rights for gays were taken away in Maine as a result of Prop 1, I received an LL Bean catalog in the mail as we have purchased  from them in the past. I made a conscious decision to not support businesses like LL Bean in Maine and wrote an email asking to […]

I wrote an email to the governor of Maine yesterday and today wrote one to the Stand for Marriage group expressing my feelings to them – I know they care! ha – maybe my subject line will convince them to read it: “Way to go on Prop 1!!!!”  Anyways, it’s nice to let it out […]

Below is the email I just sent to the Governor of Maine: John E. Baldacci. Perhaps you can also send an email if you are also dissapointed in the vote on Gay Marriage. The governor’s email address is Governor Baldacci, I live in Michigan but wanted to express how deeply dissapointed I am that […]