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I last posted the letter I wrote to the Prime Minister of Japan in hopes to pressure him into stopping the yearly dolphin/whale slaughter in Taiji. My one letter won’t have any impact but thousands of letters will, so I urge anyone reading this to watch the movie, The Cove and take action  – every […]

After watching the powerful documentary, The Cove this past weekend I researched how I can take action to help stop the yearly dolphin hunt and slaughter that occurs in Taiji, Japan every year. Japan’s government issues permits to the 26 fisherman who are responsible for these atrocities. If you have not yet seen the film, please […]

The problem with reading and searching for truth and information in the world is that you end up finding a lot of things wrong with it. There is no shortage of wrongs being done and no shortage of causes worth dedicating your time and energy. I have felt passion and anger about many issues – […]

I went out on the deck this morning and felt a deep feeling of gratitude – gratitude to be able to walk 1ft from my back door and gaze upon the woods, actually hear the leaves falling which when you pay attention almost sound like little pellets falling from the sky as they bounce off […]



a-void, originally uploaded by anndar. billboard of the future in “a void” – perhaps we can still “avoid” this fate