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new visions


Well I just changed my “About” page as I decided on a new vision for my blog and what I want it to be. Isn’t it great in life that we can always change or mind – our path – our actions – our dreams – our visions. I have copied what I wrote on […]



a-void, originally uploaded by anndar. billboard of the future in “a void” – perhaps we can still “avoid” this fate



billboard , originally uploaded by anndar. I absolutely HATE billboards – I think they are the epitome of mind pollution and can’t believe how many I see in one mile on pretty much any highway in the U.S…to think that we destroyed something natural to put up a very large sign trying to sell us […]

guest appearance by Tommy, originally uploaded by anndar. We were hanging out with some good friends Sunday when Tommy asked me if I allowed guest appearances and I replied “huh…what do you mean?” Guest appearance in your sketchbook and I said “of course”! So anyways, Tommy drew this picture which I believe was inspired by […]



sunday, originally uploaded by anndar.



flower, originally uploaded by anndar.

shoe in the grass – 75 ways #60, originally uploaded by anndar. We went to Chicago over the weekend to hang out and spent a beautiful summer day in Millennium Park laying around enjoying life when I drew this shoe in the grass. The grass on the left side of the drawing is actually a […]