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digital diet


I actually attempted to do this awhile back but I am going for a complete digital fast this weekend. The girl said we had 2 snow days this last week and probably spent most of it sucked into the computer or me computer/Xbox  instead of spending quality time together and you know what…she’s right! So […]

In the times of laptops, smart-phones and netbooks, I would like to make a case for the good old fashioned  notebook – those archaic tools called paper and pen. And yes I first wrote all this down in one of those notebook things and I carry one wherever I go. So here is my list […]

Falling into the digital abyss last week my brain was totally fried from a day of solving technical – AKA digital problems. I work in IT so that is my world for 8+ hours a day. Multi-tasking, juggling constant distractions – I feel like Gumby being stretched to my limits. Digital Overload SYSTEM FAILURE I […]