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Today is Thanksgiving which in America means a day of pausing, reflecting, sharing, and being thankful for all we have with our friends and family. We gather together to enjoy one another’s company and bask in the experience of spending precious and limited time together. This also means that tomorrow is infamous Black Friday when […]

is this it?


I got up this morning, still half asleep – attempting to come out of my alarm induced waking. Alarms should be outlawed – the body should get up when it’s good and ready.  I try to remember what day it is – Wednesday – hump day – 2 days till Friday – when I come […]

tv – 75 Ways to Draw More #24, originally uploaded by anndar. We canceled our satellite TV at home which has been a great change. Still have the nice big TV for movie night but no more paying for ads and crap shows. I was however at a conference in Chicago at the end of […]