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I last posted the letter I wrote to the Prime Minister of Japan in hopes to pressure him into stopping the yearly dolphin/whale slaughter in Taiji. My one letter won’t have any impact but thousands of letters will, so I urge anyone reading this to watch the movie, The Cove and take action  – every […]

The problem with reading and searching for truth and information in the world is that you end up finding a lot of things wrong with it. There is no shortage of wrongs being done and no shortage of causes worth dedicating your time and energy. I have felt passion and anger about many issues – […]

I wrote an email to the governor of Maine yesterday and today wrote one to the Stand for Marriage group expressing my feelings to them – I know they care! ha – maybe my subject line will convince them to read it: “Way to go on Prop 1!!!!”  Anyways, it’s nice to let it out […]