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my breakfast toast – 75 ways to draw more #63, originally uploaded by anndar. I drew my breakfast this morning – some rye toast with butter and marmalade – yummy though it was a little cold after it sat there patiently waiting while I drew it Advertisements

tea kettle – 75 Ways #67, originally uploaded by anndar. kettle we use to boil water to make coffee in a french press or in today’s case, tea since we ran out of coffee yesterday…tragedy

coffee cup – 75 ways #11, originally uploaded by anndar. My coffee this morning in one of my favorite cups. It is from the “Trick Dog” up in Elberta, MI where I discovered artist, Greg Jaris. I love his stuff! This is also #11 from “75 Ways to Draw More”.

spaghetti dinner – 75 Ways to Draw More #65, originally uploaded by anndar. “Draw your dinner” from 75 Ways to Draw More

tv – 75 Ways to Draw More #24, originally uploaded by anndar. We canceled our satellite TV at home which has been a great change. Still have the nice big TV for movie night but no more paying for ads and crap shows. I was however at a conference in Chicago at the end of […]

From the booklet 75 Ways to Draw More this is #58: Draw the book you’re reading. I just finished this book yesterday while riding the train back to MI from IL and it has become one of my favorites.

my toothbrush


This pencil drawing was inspired from Michael Nobb’s booklet “75 Ways to Draw More” and this particular one is #12 on the list.