why i love my kindle


I haven’t written any posts for a while and can’t believe that the last time I did write a post was back in January – especially when it’s now March. Time is weird isn’t it?! Funny too that my last post was basically trashing e-readers like the Kindle and comparing them to a version of “modern book burning” (catchy post title though).

Well a couple of weeks after I wrote that post I found out some more facts about the Kindle and e-readers in general and even went so far as to buy one – well 2 actually (one for the girl). In all fairness I didn’t feel quite right demonizing  a device that I had not personally used.  I have used a Kindle for about a month now and have to say that I love the damn thing. Yes, I have done a complete 180, but we should all be open to changing our opinions when exposed to new information or experiences.

After further research I found I was wrong about many of the points I made in my post or that there was at least another side to the story:

  • I said every book that is downloaded can be tracked, but so can any book you borrow from the library or buy at a book store these days – it’s called the effing Patriot Act
  • I claimed that the “system” could control what books are available but then found out that it’s the publishers themselves that control the channels of distribution –  like when a book comes out in hardcover and if and when it will be released in paperback and also if it will  be available electronically via a device like the Kindle
  • I also questioned how libraries and indy book stores would be affected and come to find out that many libraries today already “check out” electronic versions of their books for devices and that it allows more people to have access to the same book than if it were only in a physical form. As far as borrowing goes, Barnes and Noble’s service allows you to lend your books to others for blocks of time and in the case of the Kindle any devices on the same account can share the same book. The girl and I can both be reading the same book at the same time having only paid for it once.  There is still the question about how independent book sellers will fare in all this which remains to be seen.

There are actually many advantages to e-readers like the Kindle:

  • It saves on resources  – less printing – less waste – “printed” or delivered to meet the current demand
  • It’s cheaper – a lot of times its A LOT cheaper. I can buy a new book that is only available in hardcover on the Kindle for usually $9.99 compared to $35+
  • It’s an electronic device that actually promotes single-tasking and minimalism. My Kindle does one thing and it does it really well. On minimalism – it can hold something like 1500 books and is smaller than one book. We have about 350 physical books in our house that take up A LOT of room and create a lot of clutter (though it does look cool and intellectual to have piles of books everywhere)
  • It has a built in dictionary, bookmarks, highlighting, search, and note taking
  • It’s light. I used to bring a bag on trips that was just for books because I never knew if I would finish what I was currently reading in the middle of a trip or simply feel like reading something else. Now, I carry just the Kindle.
  • It can download books in less than 60 seconds and the service to download it to my Kindle is free. I have to say that it’s pretty awesome to hear about a book or read about a book that someone recommends and then have the ability to be reading it in a few minutes – no ordering it online to be shipped (lots of resources) or driving to the book store (more resources and more expensive)
  • It’s not limited to just books – a lot of periodicals are now available including ones that may be difficult to find at the store

I do still miss the smell and feel of a real book from time to time but wouldn’t give up my Kindle now (damn you Amazon – damn you!)


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