is it really 2010? um,no


We are already 10 days into the “new year” – 2010 or so we believe. It occurred to me on New Year’s Eve that the date is really just a worldwide agreement we seem to have on what year it is for practical reasons. Even more interesting is that the year 2010 actually translates to the year 2010 A.D. meaning that it is a year based on the birth of Jesus Christ which didn’t happen (just an opinion). In other words the entire world’s sense of time and the year we all use is based on the Christian belief system which I find odd considering that Christianity is not even the most prominent religion in the world. So what year is it really? It’s more like 4,500,000,000 give or take a few million years but that would be really complicated – imagine how much longer it would take for people who still write checks! Are you kidding me right now? Let’s just stick with the system and stop thinking about these silly ideas.


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