my 2010 wish list


I am not one to make “New Year’s” resolutions so I decided to make a 2010 wish list of things I would like to do more of or less of to serve as a reminder that I can visit from time to time during the year. It’s always interesting to see just where your head and heart were at certain points in time.

The 2010 Wish List:

  • Work less and live more
  • Read slowly – others admire my ability to speed read and retain the info but I think it sucks – I want to slow down and really absorb and ponder each sentence – not just buzz through it
  • I want to run a 5k which would not have been a big deal in years past since I ran all the time but about 2 years ago I shattered part of my leg/ankle in a freak indoor soccer accident and broke it in ways that you’re really not supposed to be able to do. To complicate matters I got compartment syndrome in which I had to get emergency surgery or they would have had to amputate my leg – it was craziness. I was in the hospital a week, a cast for 3 months and rehab for 3 months. I can do a lot of activities still but am not supposed to run or play soccer, basketball, etc. I started trying to run on it more (screw the doctors) last summer but had to stop (hurt like hell and couldn’t really walk the next day) This year I want to strengthen it, stretch it and hopefully work up to being able to run a 5k.
  • Do another adventure race with my partner – haven’t done one since the leg thing above
  • Go snowboarding and not kill myself
  • Ride my single-speed mountain bike more because it is super fun
  • Less screen time and more tree time during the week – make time for work week hikes after work
  • Expand on my rad guitar skills
  • Learn to paint
  • Draw more
  • Write more
  • Drink more martinis and wine
  • Go out to listen to more live music
  • Take the girl to the Grand Canyon
  • Be less stressed at work and not take everything so seriously   – things can be “good enough” and not “perfect”
  • Go to drum circles when the weather warms
  • Swim more in Lake Michigan in the summer
  • Less multi-tasking and more single tasking
  • Drink more chocolate milk because it is so delicious – and not 1% either!

One Response to “my 2010 wish list”

  1. First off, wish you a very happy new year.
    The problem with a “Things to do List” is that you soon develop some resentment against it as if were imposed on you by some evil and not your ownself. Only after few days one will start bossom playing when the time of a specific task comes. Gradually, enter into some self deceipt and finally will come up with a new unwritten list. When you reach this point, you better celebrate because you have come in terms with both nature and yourself i.e. interacting with new things, new games, new causes and even new desires and interests that were not showing up before but just triggered by unseen things that you come across.

    Finally, I have been a planner althrough my career but I do not like to follow a plan or be obliged to follow one even if I set it up.

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