my letter to President Obama regarding the dolphin slaughter in Japan


I last posted the letter I wrote to the Prime Minister of Japan in hopes to pressure him into stopping the yearly dolphin/whale slaughter in Taiji. My one letter won’t have any impact but thousands of letters will, so I urge anyone reading this to watch the movie, The Cove and take action  – every small action helps. Below is the letter I sent to President Obama and if you are asking yourself, “Aren’t there more important issues on the President’s mind?” I hope to have answered that in my letter below.


Dear President Obama,

I have just watched the very disturbing documentary film, The Cove ( which exposes the horrific dolphin slaughter that occurs yearly in Taiji, Japan. I know that you have so many issues you are dealing with that may seem more important but at the end of the film, Richard O’Barry said something that resonates in me:

“I have to see this end in my lifetime. Right now I’m focusing on that little body of water, where that slaughter takes place. If we can’t stop that, if we can’t fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There’s no hope.”

To say that I was moved by this film is an understatement and I intend on being active in educating others on what is happening in Taiji. I could not believe that the Japanese government knows this is happening and does nothing to stop it. I want the US to use its sanctioning powers available under the Pelly Amendment against Japan, Norway, and Iceland until they stop whaling.




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