my letter to Japan’s Prime Minister regarding dolphin slaughter


After watching the powerful documentary, The Cove this past weekend I researched how I can take action to help stop the yearly dolphin hunt and slaughter that occurs in Taiji, Japan every year. Japan’s government issues permits to the 26 fisherman who are responsible for these atrocities. If you have not yet seen the film, please watch it and send your own personal letter to Japan’s Prime Minister demanding change. It does not take much time and it lets them know the world is watching and cares. I also wrote a letter to President Obama which will appear in another post. My letter to the Prime Minister appears below.


Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama,

I have just watched the very disturbing documentary film, The Cove which exposes the horrific dolphin slaughter that occurs yearly in Taiji. To say that I was moved by this film is an understatement and I intend on being active in educating others on what is happening in Taiji. I could not believe that the Japanese government knows this is happening and does nothing to stop it. It is also a health issue regarding the high amounts of mercury found in dolphin meat that your citizens and others consume. I vow not to purchase any Japanese products or visit Japan until they stop killing and capturing dolphins and whales. I urge you take action to stop dolphin and whale hunting in Japan – you have the power to make change happen.


6 Responses to “my letter to Japan’s Prime Minister regarding dolphin slaughter”

  1. Dear Anndar,
    As I wrote to you in a tweet last night, in my home town Port Sudan in the Red Sea we adhere to a tradition which prohibits hunting of whales and dolphins. For whales they say because are mamals. Since it is very difficult to differentiate a male from a female, so there is a probabilty that you hunt a whale mother and deprive her infants from breast feeding (of course no powedered milk). As for dolphins they beleive that they resque human beings in sea dangers. friend fisherman told me that when they are in night fishing , they often see dolphins guarding their small boats when they are asleep or when sharks are in the place.
    I am not sure whether our official legislations in Sudan echo these fine social values or not. However, for countries like Japan I would expect environment reservation laws are well there in place and governments should have no execuses in observing implementation of such laws. Generally, leadership of nations should incorporate planet-wide concerns and should live up, if not be ahead of the increasing conciousness widely spreading among common people in the globe.
    Lastly, I support your stance in boycotting Japanese commodities, at least by lib now, for I have – some miles to go – before thinking to get rid of my Camri car.

  2. 2 Allan Murphy

    Since Sept / 09 Japan’s PM has been Yukio Hatoyama

    • 3 anndar

      Well that is certainly good to know! I will resend it with the correct name – I got the name from a support site that I guess didn’t update it. Thanks for the information 🙂

  3. 4 Sebastian Harvey

    How did you contact the prime minister? A couple of people and I are making a website and trying to contact people, such as the prime minister of Japan, and it would help a lot if we knew how to get in contact with him. If you could help we would be super excited and one step closer to reaching the stop of dolphin slaughtering!

  4. 6 Ali

    I wrote to the prime minister of Japan and asked him to stop killing the dolphins and the whales and threatened to boycott all Japanese products if they did not comply and told him I would do anything in my power to stop them.

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