How do you pick your fight?


The problem with reading and searching for truth and information in the world is that you end up finding a lot of things wrong with it. There is no shortage of wrongs being done and no shortage of causes worth dedicating your time and energy. I have felt passion and anger about many issues – social injustice, the environment, government corruption, consumerism, corporate takeover, and the list goes on and on. I have been enraged about plenty for a long time which has left me mentally and emotionally exhausted.  My activist energies have been directed like a spray of bullets from an automatic machine gun instead of a focused shot from a sniper rifle.

I believe that changed last night with one of the most powerful and moving movies I have ever seen called The Cove. If you have not seen this documentary that was released this year, make it the next thing you watch. I dreamt about it and woke up thinking about it.  At the end of the film, Richard O’Barry said something that resonates in me:

I have to see this end in my lifetime. Right now I’m focusing on that little body of water, where that slaughter takes place. If we can’t stop that, if we can’t fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There’s no hope.

A statement that quite simply has answered my question: How do you pick your fight?

We will protect what we care about – what we love. I know now where my sniper rifle is pointing.

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