digital diet


I actually attempted to do this awhile back but I am going for a complete digital fast this weekend. The girl said we had 2 snow days this last week and probably spent most of it sucked into the computer or me computer/Xbox  instead of spending quality time together and you know what…she’s right! So starting after work today we are going off-line. I wanted to share the diet I did back at the beginning of November that for some reason I never got around to writing a post about – so I digress and share it now.

Digital Diet Weekend 11/7/2009-11/8/2009

I am exhausted – a week of IT work during the day which is overload by itself  and then come home to be swept up into Twitter, Facebook, and XBox 360. Sometimes I get lost in the social media abyss – caught up in angry comments where I comment back with more anger and frustration. No wonder I’m exhausted – it’s draining – my energy cells are depleted.  I decided to make a vow on Friday night to go on a digital diet over the weekend – not a “fast” but a diet so I’m not cutting everything out completely but will drastically reduce the time I spend on-line. No Twittering – No Facebook and as little web site work, email, etc. In fact if you are reading this right now in my blog these very words were first written in a small notebook using something called a pen. I am going to record how I’m feeling and what I did instead of being hooked up to the planet – this includes my beloved BlackBerry, my “always on” device is now off for the weekend.

Saturday: woke up slowly and read out loud to my partner from “The Greatest Show on Earth”, had coffee, sticky bun from local bakery on the deck topped off with 1 cigarette.  Worked on preliminary web work for an addition to the work website, read some more of Darwin’s book, took a nap, took long hot shower, went for a  great hike. Got hungry after the hike and stopped at local burger joint for homemade chili and fries.

Sunday: Went for another beautiful Fall hike – air was refreshing. Ate a sandwich, read some more, took a nap, woke up from nap and had an urge to play on XBox – evil fu#%^*$ XBox. Well I give in and justify it by thinking that the day is practically over! Ok, so I may have a problem. Although, I don’t have my laptop or BlackBerry next to me so I am at least single tasking and not causing digital overload. The girl flashes me a look of disappointment.


We live in a digital world and whether that is good or bad, like anything else, we must have balance. I know the feeling of overload and I have to learn when to walk away  – that feeling of too many cups of coffee – all my neurons sparking like fireworks trying to deal with the wave of 1’s and 0’s crashing over me – yeah that’s a sign.


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