stop participating


I was startled awake this morning by loud gunshots…BOOM…BOOM!  Amplified by the snow and stillness of the woods the shots seemed to come from right outside my window. My clouded sleepy head took a few seconds to remember that it is hunting season and it will be a frequent sound for a short while. I can’t help to think and in my limited experience only begin to imagine how many people in this world right now awake to the same sounds…BOOM…BOOM but under completely different circumstances. Bullets and bombs that are not meant for deer or wooden targets but for people – “others” – the “enemy”. Many are civilians – people just like us who are caught in the middle of political and resource wars wondering if the next bullet or bomb will claim their life or the life of a loved one. Others are not only the source of chaos but depending on the day also the recipient of weapons meant for only one thing – to kill.  When I was awoken today I remember feeling how unnatural that sound is…the sound of destruction – how it cuts through silence – no other creature on this planet has the capability to make things that are simply built to destroy – how ironic a concept. Most Americans are out of touch with the realities of war and we seem so quick to fight for freedom or security in other countries when we know nothing of it here in our own country. Can you imagine a 9/11 everyday? Can you imagine being bombed or shot at and in fear of your life on a daily basis? It’s one thing to go into war as a last resort – to defend your country, your freedoms or to stop atrocities. I remember a great quote by someone whose name now escapes my mind: “If you want peace then stop participating in war.”

Stop participating…could it be that simple?


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