the case for an analog notebook


In the times of laptops, smart-phones and netbooks, I would like to make a case for the good old fashioned  notebook – those archaic tools called paper and pen. And yes I first wrote all this down in one of those notebook things and I carry one wherever I go. So here is my list of why a notebook is better than a netbook in no particular order – that is how my brain works…in no particular order.

  • Portable
  • Does not require batteries or electricity – no reason to purchase those pesky carbon credits (what does that really mean anyways?! – is it like confession for earth plunderers?)
  • Retro is IN people!
  • A piece of something real – analog in an overly digitized world
  • Get to practice the lost art of handwriting and rediscover what a hand cramp is (may not apply to guys)
  • Don’t have to turn it off on a plane
  • Always “on” for impromptu moments of brilliance and the never ending grocery list (no more “God Dammit, I left the grocery list on the fridge”
  • A place to store your dreams
  • It’s quiet  – doesn’t ring, beep, zap, tap, etc
  • No direct light from an electronic screen beaming into your eyes (like me right now as I type this)
  • Survives getting wet if you drop it in a puddle or have it out in the rain
  • Always has service! No wi-fi needed – no “do I have enough bars” up on a mountain
  • Impervious to hot or cold
  • Very lightweight
  • No viruses or upgrades needed
  • No pesky power cords to haul around
  • It’s a “classic”
  • It’s frugal, simple, and cheap – Voluntary Simplicity people!
  • No bulky pockets – stuffing a laptop in your coat pocket doesn’t work so well – trust me
  • Good chance it will survive the end of the world in 2012
  • Can still use it when the power is out
  • Can also be used for multi-media without expensive programs like Photoshop
  • Single-tasking vs. Multi-tasking – Live in the NOW
  • Can draw a treasure map
  • Great for love notes – more meaningful than a text message or email
  • Minimal chance of being jacked or stolen – like who wants to steal your innermost thoughts and grocery list?
  • Can’t be copied and pasted – yes this can be a positive

And last but not least:

There is just something about the transference of emotion and ideas from your soul and mind through your body to your hand in a way that is as unique as you are – this cannot be duplicated by pressing a key on a keyboard


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