i can turn it off


Falling into the digital abyss last week my brain was totally fried from a day of solving technical – AKA digital problems. I work in IT so that is my world for 8+ hours a day. Multi-tasking, juggling constant distractions – I feel like Gumby being stretched to my limits.

Digital Overload


I got into my car to drive home to be greeted by music from my XM radio at the turn of the key. It was basically background noise – loud and intrusive. Music that I normally find comfort in was just aggravating noise that put me into some sort of glassy-eyed trance as I drove.

And then it occurred to me – I can turn it off – the power button is right there and I can turn it off.

I press the button and something magical happens – I tune the digital world out and listen to the sound of raindrops hitting my windshield…

what a beautiful sound

what a beautiful sound


One Response to “i can turn it off”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    The radio in my Jeep recently went on the fritz and that has allowed many silent drives to and from work…it’s been pretty nice. I feel like my brain finally slows down and I can actually thing through an entire thought without jumping to something else:)

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