the importance of daily nature


treesI went out on the deck this morning and felt a deep feeling of gratitude – gratitude to be able to walk 1ft from my back door and gaze upon the woods, actually hear the leaves falling which when you pay attention almost sound like little pellets falling from the sky as they bounce off branches on their descent, the screech of a blue jay so similar to a hawk, the variety of birds visiting the feeders for breakfast, the rays of sunlight that filter through the trees, the clear sky above, the fresh crisp fall air  – a new day of possibilities. But this is not what I care about…the possibilities – I am lost in the moment – feeling a part of nature instead of apart from nature as it is so easy to do these days in a world of machines – and it feels like I’m home –  I feel a connection and know that we are a part of everything natural and the natural world is a part of us – we share the same ancestors and what we do to nature we in turn do to ourselves. The importance of daily nature is to remember – remember where we come from to help guide us to where we are going.


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