email I sent to the Stand for Marriage group in lovely Maine


I wrote an email to the governor of Maine yesterday and today wrote one to the Stand for Marriage group expressing my feelings to them – I know they care! ha – maybe my subject line will convince them to read it: “Way to go on Prop 1!!!!”  Anyways, it’s nice to let it out and perhaps you too can send an email their way. Their email address is You can also check out their lovely website HERE.

Sent at 2:52pm

You don’t stand for marriage – you stand for fear. If you stand for marriage then maybe you should spend your time and energy on banning divorce! This issue is about equal rights – not religion and  there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. The government never should have allowed this to go to a ballot – it is wrong to “vote” on whether or not people have rights and doesn’t make any sense that 53% of Maine could vote on an issue that does not directly affect them – you lost nothing but took the rights away from your neighbors and fellow Americans – what kind of people are you? Do you realize there is genocide going on in Darfur and we have very serious climate change issues to deal with that you could be spending your time, money and brain power to make a difference but instead you use it to take away other American’s rights. Well I live in Michigan and will not be making any travel plans to Maine nor supporting your products – if you want to take away rights – then I will exercise mine to boycott your bigoted, ignorant, actions that hide behind a false religion to promote intolerance – I am pretty sure that is not what Jesus would have done – your heavenly father must be so proud of the love you show others.


One Response to “email I sent to the Stand for Marriage group in lovely Maine”

  1. I had planned on including Maine on my New England vacation this summer. That plan has been changed.

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