my email to the Governor of Maine – Gay Marriage Vote

Below is the email I just sent to the Governor of Maine: John E. Baldacci. Perhaps you can also send an email if you are also dissapointed in the vote on Gay Marriage. The governor’s email address is
Governor Baldacci,
I live in Michigan but wanted to express how deeply dissapointed I am that the gay marriage appeal was even able to come to a vote. This is an issue about equal rights – not religion and the fact that voters were allowed to decide who has rights and who doesn’t is a perfect example that there is no seperation of church and state. What about the 47% that voted to keep it legal – a vote that truly affects their very lives vs. the 53% that voted in which the results have no direct affect on them. What if slavery came to a state by state vote – where would be today? Needless to say, Maine will not be a part of any future travel plans and I will boycott products from Maine in any way I can. We expect more from government and continue to be dissapointed. The country was watching and Maine failed.

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