my personal threat indicators – inspired by the National Terrorist Threat Level indicators


be afraid - be very afraidSo,  how fun would it be to create your own threat condition color system. You could create colored placards to post by your desk or pin to your shirt or hang in your car window so other people know how to deal with you that day! This could be a very useful tool in daily relationships with the world.

According the the National Terror Alert website or here on  “What Terrorist Threat Colors Mean” there are 5 color threat levels ranging from Green to Red. Below I will state the basic idea of a particular color according to the terrorist threat level and then my own version of how this could be used to indicate to others my particular threat level to the world on a given day!

GREEN Terrorist Threat Level: Low Risk – Learn basic first aid and CPR – Examine volunteer opportunities in your community and choose an agency that provides disaster preparedness training.

GREEN Personal Threat Level: Low Risk of me going off on you or cutting you off on purpose in traffic – probably still a good idea to learn CPR in case my mood elevates! Better safe then sorry! Means I am having a good day and is a good time to ask for favors. If this were a day it would be a Friday.

BLUE Terrorist Threat Level: Guarded – General Risk of Terrorist Attack  – Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to proper authorities

BLUE Personal Threat Level: Guarded (better be on guard – I could turn any minute!) General risk of me attacking something – an idea – ignorance – or an end user since I work in IT. This probably means that things started out pretty good at 7:30 AM and by 8AM people are already starting to piss me off – this can happen anywhere between Tues and Thurs though less likely on Thursdays. You will want to stay alert to me acting suspiciously (deep breathing – 5th cup of coffee , etc) and be prepared to report it to someone who may care.

YELLOW Terrorist Threat Level: Elevated – Significant Risk of Terrorist Attack! Develop alternate routes to and from work and school and practice using them.

YELLOW Personal Threat Level: My blood pressure is elevated and there is a significant risk of me striking out! This is not turning into a very good day – you should probably develop alternate routes to and from your office to avoid me in the hallways or on the roads and practice using them!

ORANGE Terrrorist Threat Level: High Risk of Terrorist Attack! Have materials on hand in case you are confined to your home during a disaster – if a need is announced, donate blood at a blood collection center.

ORANGE Personal Threat Level: High Risk of me getting pissed off – actually, I am probably pissed off at this point and you probably shouldn’t talk to me – this is a bad time to ask for a favor – I am not a “happy camper” today! It probably would not be a bad idea to donate blood – hell the life you save may be your own right?

RED Terrorist Threat Level: Severe Risk of  Terrorist Attack (we mean it!) . Be prepared to “shelter in place” or evacuate if instructed to do so by local authorities.

RED Personal Threat Level: I AM REALLY PISSED OFF!!!!!  Do not talk to me, do not look at me, do not drive in my lane. It is definitely not a good idea for me to go grocery shopping today.




One Response to “my personal threat indicators – inspired by the National Terrorist Threat Level indicators”

  1. I’m guessing you’ve never happened upon my website where, as described above, you can actually create your own Personal Threat Level images, just like the ones used by the DHS. Enjoy!

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