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Today is Thanksgiving which in America means a day of pausing, reflecting, sharing, and being thankful for all we have with our friends and family. We gather together to enjoy one another’s company and bask in the experience of spending precious and limited time together. This also means that tomorrow is infamous Black Friday when […]

In the times of laptops, smart-phones and netbooks, I would like to make a case for the good old fashioned  notebook – those archaic tools called paper and pen. And yes I first wrote all this down in one of those notebook things and I carry one wherever I go. So here is my list […]

Falling into the digital abyss last week my brain was totally fried from a day of solving technical – AKA digital problems. I work in IT so that is my world for 8+ hours a day. Multi-tasking, juggling constant distractions – I feel like Gumby being stretched to my limits. Digital Overload SYSTEM FAILURE I […]

Soon after the rights for gays were taken away in Maine as a result of Prop 1, I received an LL Bean catalog in the mail as we have purchased  from them in the past. I made a conscious decision to not support businesses like LL Bean in Maine and wrote an email asking to […]

I went out on the deck this morning and felt a deep feeling of gratitude – gratitude to be able to walk 1ft from my back door and gaze upon the woods, actually hear the leaves falling which when you pay attention almost sound like little pellets falling from the sky as they bounce off […]

I wrote an email to the governor of Maine yesterday and today wrote one to the Stand for Marriage group expressing my feelings to them – I know they care! ha – maybe my subject line will convince them to read it: “Way to go on Prop 1!!!!”  Anyways, it’s nice to let it out […]

Below is the email I just sent to the Governor of Maine: John E. Baldacci. Perhaps you can also send an email if you are also dissapointed in the vote on Gay Marriage. The governor’s email address is Governor Baldacci, I live in Michigan but wanted to express how deeply dissapointed I am that […]