life will kill ya


I made an innocent status update on Facebook which turned into a declaration or admission per say on a recent Saturday morning that said:

“happy Saturday morning….coffee. cigarette, bagel, and rain” which resulted in several comments about the horrors of smoking or “shock” in that I smoke at all. I had my first cigarette in a cardboard box (fort) in the rain contemplating running away – yep I was a teenager and the habit DID NOT stick! I was later a casual smoker when I was in the military for 3 years – it was something to do and also helped to get your mind off the fact that you are freezing your ass off in Alaska during the winter during a field exercise. I was also a runner and the two didn’t go together too well so I eventually went from casual smoker to non-smoker, aka: a born again authority on smoking and how BAD it is for you.

Actually I never  judged smokers except in 2 ways – littering (yes that is exactly what throwing your butt out the window is called) and smoking while others are eating, etc. I figured seriously…you can’t wait until you and others at your table are done eating to have a cigarette? Well guess what, I am a casual smoker again (more on that later) and I still have issues with those 2 things! I am a firm believer in live and let live and I know those who responded to my status update on Facebook simply “cared” about me but I think that we are all sort of brainwashed into what is good and bad for us – we feel  a need to label everything. In the words of Warren Zevon “life will kill ya”.

Yep, contrary to popular belief or at least in the way we live our lives – we all do die someday even though we walk the earth today thinking we can postpone this as long as possible by eating things “they” say are good for us(which changes every few years) – exercising – not smoking – not drinking or my favorite: “drinking in moderation” (only to the brink of total drunkenness!). Isn’t that maybe the key to the whole thing  – “everything in moderation”. Work in moderation, play in moderation, drink in moderation and yes even perhaps smoke in moderation. I would rather live a shorter life in which I enjoyed my days with simple pleasures than live to be a ripe old age spending my days alone in a nursing home – hell no! Something gets us all in the end and at this point in my life I do not believe in any sort of afterlife which gives this life even more meaning so I say enjoy it – in moderation of course (or not!).


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