where is the map…who has the damn map?


So, I have the inkling to start writing more and drawing too of course but aren’t they really doing the same thing in different ways? Expressing our views on the shenanigans called our lives as we exist on the blue planet. I was inspired on the drive  into work today – a rare thing for a “Monday” I must say, inspiration and motivation aren’t really my strong points on a Monday morning but I digress. Anyways, I was motivated to start writing more, perhaps it was the slice of moon and Venus that greeted me as i walked to the car this morning and I felt for a moment the smallness of my existence and how i really should lighten up and be mellow at work because WOW – does it ever hit you that we are here…we are here existing…seriously, it’s amazing if you really think about it and I am not just talking about evolution and God or anything like that, I am talking about the miracle that we  get to play on the playground another day and it really is quite silly to let things get to you. So where is the map…who has the damn map…i guess we all have our own maps and roads that fork, highways, two lane country roads, expressways, off ramps, on ramps, flat tires, rest stops, and sometimes even u-turns. Thing is, we don’t need a map – we just need to remember to be child like and enjoy the adventure.  I do wonder why people are passing me on the highway when I am going 70 like I am sitting still  – they either can’t wait to get to work or they live in fear at their jobs for being a minute late – slow down everyone – slow down and take it in.


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