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zentangle #2


zentangle #2, originally uploaded by anndar. My second attempt at zentangle from the little book that came with my kit. It is all original designs from here on out! Advertisements

my first zentangle, originally uploaded by anndar. Zentangle is an art method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. I bought the zentangle kit awhile ago and just sat down tonight and opened it up. This is the first design from the little book that I made. It is very enjoyable and relaxing! I hope […]

my new island fluke, originally uploaded by anndar. This is my new Island Fluke ukulele that I got last week making it my third one! I got this one to take camping and outside, etc without having to worry too much about it. It sounds great and I have been having a lot of fun […]

ice cream tuesday, originally uploaded by anndar. It hit 90 degrees yesterday and when I got home from work I remembered that we had some Schwan’s Maple Nut ice cream in the freezer! yay! I was inspired by the delicious yumminess and decided to draw the box. Needless to say it started melting allover the […]

still kicking


I was off on an adventure in West Virginia since last Wednesday and just got back last night. I was looking forward to all of the things I could draw on my trip and ended up not drawing anything since I was so exhausted from the day’s activities! We went white water rafting on the […]

tea kettle – 75 Ways #67, originally uploaded by anndar. kettle we use to boil water to make coffee in a french press or in today’s case, tea since we ran out of coffee yesterday…tragedy

coffee cup – 75 ways #11, originally uploaded by anndar. My coffee this morning in one of my favorite cups. It is from the “Trick Dog” up in Elberta, MI where I discovered artist, Greg Jaris. I love his stuff! This is also #11 from “75 Ways to Draw More”.